The Introduction of CN-Healthcare

CN-Healthcare is the leading brand of Beijing Cn-Healthcare Information & Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “CN-Healthcare”, new OTC stock code: 872612). Founded in March 2012, CN-Healthcare has formed a comprehensive service platform, integrating media, exhibition, books, integrated marketing, medical education, hospital management consulting, internet development and transformation of medical innovation achievements.

By the end of 2018, the total number of users of CN-Healthcare has reached 2.8 million, with daily visits reaching 350,000 and the total number of users growing by 60% every year, covering the core users in the sectors of politics, industry, education, research, medicine, investment and media across the comprehensive health area of China. And on that basis, CN-Healthcare has been actively expanding its international users and promoting international cooperation in medical education, visit and exchange, etc.. So far, CN-Healthcare has established strategic cooperative relationships with relevant institutions in the United States, France, Israel and other countries.

ⅠPlatform Business

ⅰ Brand Events

1. CN-Healthcare Summit: The CN-healthcare summit held annually in late April has become a well-known brand event in the field of comprehensive health and hospital management, focusing on medical management and healthcare industry development under China’s national policies. Each conference has its highlights and innovations, greatly promoting the development of China’s comprehensive health industry, the reform of healthcare system and the development of China’s hospital management.

2. Chinese Hospital Clinical Specialty Construction and Development Forum: The specialty forum held in September each year focuses on hospital discipline construction, specialty operation management, personnel training, specialty brand and so on. It is a well-known brand event in the field of specialty construction.

ⅱ China Hospital Management Awards

Learning from the best peers of hospital management, CN-healthcare has been devoted to looking for the best medical practices with an emphasis on hospital management. “China Hospital Management Awards” has collected nearly one thousand hospital management cases since 2017. Through the in-depth analysis and study of the winning cases, the latest and best reference for the hospital can be provided. With classic cases collected into books, winning cases interviewed in depth, winning hospitals compared as a benchmark, and a series of courses being available online, those cases’ value is maximized.

ⅲ Chinese Hospital Contest Held to Improve Medical Service

The Chinese Hospital Contest organized by the Bureau of Medical Administration of the National Health Commission is about to take place in the fifth successive years. On the basis of summarizing more than 4,500 cases of national hospital contests in the first four years, CN-Healthcare optimizes the competition system and improves the rules, aiming to involve more medical institutions, and gather and disseminate excellent experience of improving medical services to domestic counterparts. Every year there are new themes, and every year there are new benchmarks to learn from. CN-Healthcare has published two volumes of top 100 cases selection and will provide an evaluation report on improving medical services through studying relevant benchmarks and cases.

ⅳ China Medical Innovation Alliance (CMIA) Series

Jointly launched by CN-Healthcare, national celebrated academic leaders, renowned hospitals and well-known enterprises, and based on rich experience in scientific and technological achievements consulting, China Medical Innovation Alliance (CMIA) provides the following 4 achievements transformation services: large-scale hospital innovation league, transformation of hospital innovation achievements, training to enhance scientific research innovation and medical innovation research.

ⅴ Integrated Marketing Service Series

Based on its whole network operation advantage, CN-Healthcare will deepen its digital media services, and expand its integrated marketing services, including planning and reports on corporate brands, advertisement planning and implementation, muti-platform video, audio, graphic interview and production, commercials and micro-films production, features customization, industry research reports, whole network dissemination, internet conference services, international visits, training and cooperation, etc..

ⅵ Books

CN-Healthcare Books, the book brand of CN-Healthcare, focuses on publishing original quality books of medical management and overseas copyright books. It is committed to creating a great medical book platform. Every year, as a part of the Enjoy Reading program, CN-Healthcare Books recommend 6 to 12 selected books to its readers. Various customized services are provided for the authors: prefaces, waist seals, bookmarks and reading notes. Book writing is provided based on customized content. Book clubs are held for face to face communication with the authors.

ⅶ Hospital Quality Improvement

Value-based healthcare is the goal of hospitals in China and across the world. In order to enable Chinese hospitals to meet the challenges under the situation of medical insurance payment reform, based on the most excellent international and domestic hospital quality evaluation standards, CN-Healthcare has developed the first edition of China Hospital Quality Value Index (QVI) standard, which is on trial-run in third-tier grade-A hospitals at provincial, prefectural and county level,. It is believed that QVI standard will eventually become one of the reliable tools for Chinese hospitals to carry out continuous quality improvement.

At the same time, CN-Healthcare also helps the hospital to improve its specialty construction and social reputation.

ⅷ Further Medical Education

CN-Healthcare provides services on management and medical personnel training for various hospitals in China, featuring professional skills, value building and crossover capacity. The tailored courses have become the target of government procurement for medical training programs in many places.

ⅸ County Health

The capacity building of county-level hospitals and the construction of county-level medical communities are important guarantees for the realization of Healthy China. The Healthy County team of CN-Healthcare provides brand building, management consulting, specialty construction, quality evaluation and other professional services for county-level hospitals across the nation.

ⅹ Program Customization

CN-Healthcare precisely studies the users’ demands and tailors various service plans to their needs, including Female Leaders Alliance – the salon of Chinese female medical administrators, Mayo Clinic Summit on Hospital Management, Development Promotion Forum of Provincial Hospitals, China University Affiliated Hospitals Alliance, salons for customized hot themes, salons for customized population themes, and customized large programs such as Great Love & Spirit and MDT.

Ⅱ Development and Prospects

Since its establishment in 2012, CN-Healthcare has always adhered to the development concept of “for better healthcare services” and has integrated the needs of healthcare users as the priority into its brand construction. Looking into the future, the comprehensive health industry will continue to move forward in multi-dimension and demand. With the support of policies in the short, medium and long term, and the growing prosperity of the industry, the health industry will stay in the track of rapid development. CN-Healthcare will continue to follow the operation guide of “Integrate Knowledge, Integrate Intelligence, Integrate Commerce”, pursue the services of “Virtue, Quality and Classiness”, and implement the following development strategies.

ⅰ Continuing fulfilling historical mission and social responsibility , CN-Healthcare will spread medical knowledge , energize healthcare career and support Health China cause.

ⅱ With traditional media as the basic platform, CN-Healthcare will carry out integrated marketing and digital marketing to ensure adequate cash flow.

ⅲ On the basis of media businesses, CN-Healthcare will expand the support for medical education, transformation of innovative achievements, improvement of hospital quality, county-level health promotion, internet technology development and other businesses to ensure a long-term mechanism for development.

ⅳ With collectivized operation, CN-Healthcare will integrate the management of personnel, finance and materials to facilitate the allocation of resources, realize the advantage of comprehensive services and achieve the multiplier effect.


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